Appearing on Sky Sports in my journalism days.


– Head of editorial
– Brand communications manager
– National newspaper journalist
– Television and radio pundit
– Online sub-editor / feature writer
– Press office assistant
– Agency reporter
– Picture desk operator



When I was seven I wrote the longest story I’d ever seen. It was four pages long. I never finished it.

Maybe I’ve been trying to finish it ever since.

I spent 15 fantastic years in journalism, where I:

– Worked for every national newspaper by the age of 24.
– Appeared regularly on national television and radio.
– Spent six years working for an independent picture agency.
– Produced back-page stories for four national newspapers.
– Wrote three children’s books and contributed to many more (for grown-ups).

I’m no longer a journalist, but the lessons from those years were fast and frequent: deadlines, communication, trust, time management, initiative, persuasion, negotiation, relationships, and perseverance.

I’ve also worked at one of the north’s leading digital agencies and in a busy press office.

I graduated with a degree in Linguistics and Phonetics, completed a Master’s in Print Journalism, and have spent the last four years learning Spanish. ¡Hola!

My journalism appeared in a range of publications. Most of them are listed below.


Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Observer, The Independent, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Mail on Sunday, Sunday Express, The Sun, The Sun on Sunday, Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Daily Star, Daily Star Sunday, The People, News of the World, Sydney Morning Herald, Yorkshire Post.


Sky Sports, BBC Radio 5Live, Talksport, Sky Sports News Radio, BBC Radio Humberside, BBC Radio Leeds, Yorkshire Radio, Wish FM, Super League TV.


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